Streaming Solutions

Complete Streaming Solutions

Stream to Flash, Windows Media & all compatible mobile devices with any of our streaming solutions. We also offer numerous streaming-related services, including Roku, Google TV, and Smart TV channel creation, VOD platforms, satellite streaming, and website development.
Complete Streaming Solutions

Monetization and billing

The GothamCDN Monetization System for web and OTT content makes it simple and intuitive for our clients to manage and monetize their content. It is the perfect solution for all content providers who would like to offer their programming on a subscription or PPV system.

IPTV Monetization
Unparalleled Network

Unparalleled Network

GothamCDN operates its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) from its headquarters in Atlanta, & we have invested a lot into making it perfect for streaming. By providing both content delivery and ancillary streaming services, we are able to provide complete solutions to our clients at competitive prices.
Unparalleled Network

Live & On-Demand

The UniStream platform lets broadcasters stream live and on-demand video to any device. It provides real-time analytics and gives content providers all the tools they need to manage multiple channels. GothamCDN also offers a number of features to make live streams even more accessible, including DVR functionality, time-shifted playout, and more.

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Roku, GoogleTV & OTT

GothamCDN develops live and on-demand streaming applications for iOS, Android, Roku, and Google TV that are fully customizable and can be monetized using GothamCDN's billing system. Streaming apps developed by GothamCDN generate millions in yearly revenue for our customers and have been downloaded by over 350,000 viewers from the Google Play and Roku stores.

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Web, Mobile & OTT
Monetization System

The GothamCDN web, mobile, and OTT monetization system makes it simple and intuitive for broadcasters to manage and monetize their live and VOD streams with subscriptions or a pay-per-view model. The system generates accounts for viewers that grant them access to premium content across all devices, including iOS, Android, Roku, and Google TV apps developed by GothamCDN.

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Customer Testimonials

“I have worked with the people behind this company for years and can honestly say that I have received near perfect and courteous service. .”

Mike Asbury , LiveWeb Systems, LLC.

About GothamCDN

GothamCDN operates a Content Distribution Network (CDN) from its own state-of-the-art data center in Atlanta, Georgia. We have the technological resources and experience to guarantee consistent streaming at the highest qualities to large audiences across the globe.

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Why GothanCDN

      We have our own data center in the heart of Atlanta, with multiple GigE connections to major international backbones
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